STEVE VAI In Praise Of Guitarist TOMMY EMMANUEL - "One Of The Most Inspired Acoustic Guitar Players I Have Ever Seen"

February 3, 2014, 3 years ago

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Guitar legend STEVE VAI has checked in with the following:

"TOMMY EMMANUEL is one of the most inspired acoustic guitar players I have ever seen. He’s also a Favored Nations Entertainment artist. Check out this vid. We are in preparations to release a Tommy Emmanuel compilation and he will soon be working on a new studio record. There’s a whole new trend of excellent acoustic guitar players that are evolving the instrument with deep rich tunings, and slapping and hammering on the instrument. It’s beautiful to see it emerging. Many cite Tommy as a great influence.

For information on Tommy Emmanuel go to this location.

Vai recently posted a message and photo gallery following his recent TV performances in Shanghai and Beijing for The Spring Festival Global Gala.

Vai: "About six months ago my dear friend Greg Bissonette hooked me up with a very famous Chinese pop artist who was interested in having me play on one of his tracks. His name is Chyi Chin. In China, he has been a very popular artist for many years. I get offers like this occasionally, and I’m not opposed to participating if I like the song and feel that I can properly contribute. I listened to Chyi’s track, and I liked it. It’s a beautiful orchestral track. His voice is kind and sweet and they let me do whatever I wanted so I layered about 15 guitars on it. I very much like the way the final mix came out.

This year I was brought to China by Mavis Ma, a wonderful promoter there, and we performed in Shanghai and Beijing and the gigs were great. I had not been in China since 2005. I was told that I was the first American rock artist to play in Communist China back then. THE ROLLING STONES went there in 2004, but hey, they are not Yankee Doodles. We posted photos and videos of our stint there while on tour in 2013.

BTV is a huge TV network in Beijing, China. Once a year they put on this gigantic Spring Festival Global Gala where performance artists from various countries around the world come together to perform. I guess we made a good impression on the music community there because not only was I invited to perform with Chyi Chin on the track that I recorded with him but they requested that I perform 'For The Love Of God' and 'Answers' with their 40-piece orchestra. This show is broadcast to over 2 billion viewers around the world…eh, a drop in the bucket.

I thought it would be great to do this and was honored they asked. The American artist they invited last year was Yanni. Hmmm, I guess they were interested in quite the contrast this year. You have to understand how strict China is when it comes to who they invite to perform. I was told by Mavis that they have never – like NEVER – in the history of China, had a rock artist perform on a TV, and I was told this was a first.

Pia and I got the chance to spend close to a week in Beijing. It’s an extraordinary city. Huge!!! We took a lot of time to go out and check things out.

There was four days planned for this project. The first was rehearsal, the second was a stage rehearsal and run-through (this is where they filmed and recorded for the show), the third was a complete run-through with all the perfumers which took about three hours and there was an audience. The last day was a full performance with the filming and taping of the audience.

It all went fantastic and will be aired in February. Stay tuned."

Check out Vai's photo gallery here.

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