STONE SOUR Frontman Corey Taylor Discusses House Of Gold & Bones Comic Book Series In New Video Interview

July 24, 2013, 4 years ago

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In the clip below, STONE SOUR frontman Corey Taylor talks to Fandango at Comic-Con 2013 about the House Of Gold & Bones comic book series that was released to coincide with the two part album of the same name:

The first issue of House of Gold & Bones was released on April 17th. Physical copies are available for order here, fans can buy the digital version at this location.

Issue #2, entitled Part 2: The Questions, was released on May 22nd via Dark Horse Comics. Fans can purchase it here, or find a shop near you via

The description of the comic reads: "Traveling through his new reality, the Human stumbles across an unlikely ally. But with the zombielike Numbers hounding their steps, they must make some unusual choices to avoid capture in an unknown world, with troubling consequences. But can the Human really trust his new friend's advice and find his way home again?"

On July 15th, Da Capo Press published the second book from Taylor entitled, A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Heaven (Or, How I Made Peace With The Paranormal And Stigmatized Zealots And Cynics In The Process). The 256 page hardcover is available for pre-order via the Amazon link below. A paperback version will go on sale in June 2014.

In this book, Corey Taylor undertakes something never before attempted in the history of rock superstardom: he takes you with him as he journeys undercover through various ghostbusting groups who do their best to gather information and evidence about the existence of spirits. Some are more credible than others, and, frankly, some are completely insane, but all are observed with appropriate seriousness as Taylor attempts to better understand some of the spooky things that have happened to him in his life, especially that night at the Cold House. But that’s not all, folks. Taylor once again gives you a behind-the-scenes tour of his crazy life and the many beyond-the-grave events he’s encountered. (You’ll be shocked how often Slipknot has been invaded by the supernatural.) Taylor also touches on his religious background and how it led him to believe in much more than the Man in the Sky.

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