STONE SOUR - Picture Disc Vinyl LP Version Of New Album Available

November 11, 2012, 2 years ago

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The picture disc vinyl LP version of STONE SOUR's new album, House of Gold & Bones Part 1, is now available via the band's official website here.
The complete tracklisting to House of Gold & Bones Part 1, out now, is as follows: 'Gone Sovereign' 'Absolute Zero' 'A Rumor Of Skin' 'The Travellers Part 1' 'Tired' 'RU486' 'My Name Is Allen' 'Taciturn' 'Influence Of A Drowsy God' 'The Travellers Part 2' 'Last Of The Real' Stone Sour vocalist Corey Taylor (SLIPKNOT) recently spoke with Access: Rock about House Of Gold And Bones - Part 1. Check out the video interview below. The video for the album track, 'Gone Sovereign', is also available:

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CONTINUUM - “A Surreal Descent”

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