STRATOVARIUS - Nemesis Days Documentary Video Trailer Streaming

April 3, 2014, a year ago

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earMUSIC has announced the release of Nemeses Days by STRATOVARIUS. Nemesis Days contains a brand-new 80 minutes documentary DVD following Stratovarius around the world. It reveals the story of Nemesis and the evolution of the band. The fans who have remained loyal to the band for so many years are also an important part of this documentary DVD. Nemesis Days will also contain the full album Nemesis.
Tracklisting: CD 'Abandon' 'Unbreakable' 'Stand My Ground' 'Halcyon Days' 'Fantasy' 'Out Of The Fog' 'Castles In The Air' 'Dragons' 'One Must Fall' 'Fireborn' (Bonus Track) 'Hunter' (Bonus Track) 'If The Story Is Over' 'Nemesis' DVD Documentary Nemesis Days (80min) 'ntro Nemesis Days - The Starship Travelling The World Part I - The Album Part II - The Tour Part III - The Band 'Unbreakable' Live @ Havirov Part IV - Life Part V - Friends Around The World Epilogue Credits Videos 'Halcyon Days' 'Unbreakable' 'If The Story Is Over' 'Deep Unknown' (from Polaris) 'Under Flaming Skies' (from Elysium) Watch the first trailer: The double program (studio album/documentary DVD) will be released on May 2nd.

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