SUICIDAL ANGELS Announce Bloodbath Over Greece

January 25, 2013, 4 years ago

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Athens, Greece-based thrash metallers SUICIDAL ANGELS have issued the following update:

"The time has come for the Bloodbath to begin in Greece! A year after its release, a year filled with tours, festivals and single shows, just days after the awesome gigs in Brazil and Mexico, we are about to perform for our closest friends in the world.

First stop, Rethymno in the great island of Crete, on February 16th! It's no surprise to say that we can wait for this, our first show in Crete ever! Also very happy to share the stage with W.E.B. and BIOTOXIC WARFARE, two spectacular bands of the Greek scene.

This is the first show in Greece for this year, stay tuned because more will follow soon!"

The re-release of the legendary Suicidal Angels album, Eternal Domination, is out now. NoiseArt Records has released the album with bonus material.

The band explains: "A lot of people have been asking for our debut album, saying they can’t find it anywhere and it’s true. Some of them have even been victims of fraud by buying a supposedly original copy, and getting some cheap bootleg or imitation of the actual thing. So we decided it was about time to put it out there again, so people can know the band’s roots and get a more complete image of our evolution so far."

The limited digi pack of the album includes a bonus CD with the EPs Bloodthirsty Humanity and Armies Of Hell. A vinyl version of Eternal Domination has already been released by NoiseArt Records in 2011 and is also available.

Eternal Domination tracklisting:

'Quench Your Thirst With Christian Souls'

'Evil Attack'

'The Prophecy' (Club Radio Single)


'Slaughtering Christianity'

'Sacred Prayers To Expiation'

'Demon's Blood'

'Armies Of Hell'

'Screams Of Homicide'

'Vomit On The Cross'

'Eternal Darkness'

Here you can order the limited digi pack. The vinyl versions are available at the following links:

Orange vinyl

Black vinyl

Red vinyl

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