SUICIDAL TENDENCIES' Eric Moore Confirms Drum Clinic For Montreal

September 29, 2013, 4 years ago

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SUICIDAL TENDENCIES have checked in with an update on drummer Eric Moore's next clinic date, which takes place in Montreal, Quebec on November 3rd at Centre Chrétien Métropolitain:

"Come check out Eric, meet him in person and get some great tips and advice. Last Clinic he did was in Chile last month when ST was touring in South America. All Eric's clinics sell out so follow the link below for info and reserve your spot asap.

Also, check out the August issue of Drum Magazine. Eric was featured and they transcribed the drums to 'Smash It!' Also in that issue they had the readers choice for Best Punk Drummer. Josh Freese was first, Brooks Wackerman 2nd, and Eric Moore 3rd. As you probably know, all three have something in common. They all played with ST and INFECTIOUS GROOVES in the past. Congratulations to all!"

Earlier this year, guitarist Dean Pleasants who joined Suicidal Tendencies in 1996, spoke with BraveWords correspondent Matthew O'Shaughnessy about the band's first album in thirteen years - 13.

BraveWords: It's been thirteen years between releases. The band has never sounded tighter and more creative. Obviously Suicidal Tendencies didn't sit on their laurels all those years.

Dean Pleasants: "First, I am very glad that we got it out; its been a long time coming. All those rumours and talking about now laid to rest. It's finally out! I think we got the best of the best on 13. I think it covers from old school Suicidal Tendencies to now. I really like it and I hope everybody does too."

BraveWords: Suicidal Tendencies came blasting out of Venice, California in 1981 and have given us a lot of incredible music and are well respected in the genre and rightfully so. So, the band has been doing this for a long time.

Dean Pleasants: "I think it's a cool thing to have this kind of longevity especially with the music industry the way it is. People come and go but I've been very fortunate; I've been in the band since 1996 and I've also played with Mike Muir and Robert Trujillo in INFECTIOUS GROOVES since 1990. It's been a great ride and it's also been great to be well respected by other musicians and bands. I think that's part of our legacy; is that respect that we have and we are very proud of it and very thankful for it."

BraveWords: Suicidal Tendencies is cited as one of the father's of crossover hardcore/thrash metal. In 1983, the doors really burst wide open for the band when the now classic song 'Institutionalized' came out.

Dean Pleasants: "Yes it did! It was one of my favorite songs even before I was in the band and it made a big impact on me."

BraveWords: How is your latest album, 13, similar or different than previous Suicidal Tendencies works in your opinion?

Dean Pleasants: "Mike Muir touches on various topics and subjects and with, as you said, his sharp brain and his wit. The way he sees the world and approaches it. With that said, he touches a lot of people in different ways and I think if you pick apart each song there's something there for everybody. And that's the cool thing. It's not an easy thing to do but Mike does it with kind of an ease. I think he just speaks his mind and a lot of times it relates to what a lot of people are thinking but are afraid to say."

BraveWords: You have a killer new video for the track 'Cyco Style' from 13.

Dean Pleasants: "We got a real gift from the people in Brazil. We played a festival there and most of the footage from that video was shot at nine in the morning and there were at least eighty thousand people on the street! We really weren't expecting that. It was just amazing energy. The rest of the video was shot at a location in a building and we did some filming at night and day time. Brazil really got off for us and they really gave us a great shoot. It was really cool; you couldn't ask for a better thing to happen and we took full advantage of it."

BraveWords: Suicidal Tendencies never cared about trends or fashions and never walked away from a little controversy. The band has always spoken its mind.

Dean Pleasants: "The main reason Mike Muir got into music, as he explains to me, is not because he wanted to be like everybody else...but because he was trying to be different and make his own statement. Sometimes people may not like what we say, but at least Mike speaks his mind. We never changed our ways. Even from the way we look; nobody's wearing make-up and lipstick. We've just always been who we are. The fans really relate to that. We're just a bunch of guys playing our thing and doing our thing. And being who we are. You have stand up for yourself. Believe in yourself. And be who you are because somebody might like it. People are sometimes afraid and want to follow trends and they want to fit in. We're not trying to fit in. We've always stayed true to the punk rock. We've always had metal in there, thrash and hardcore. I think the musicianship got better in the band as the years went on. I think the people that are in this line-up always respect the legacy of the first people who were in the band. There's always that respect level for the first founding members of the band. The ultimate legacy of Suicidal Tendencies is that we did it our way and I think that's the most important thing."

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