SWASHBUCKLE Introduce New Drummer

April 14, 2010, 10 years ago

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New Jersey-based pirate thrashers SWASHBUCKLE recently parted ways with drummer Captain Crashride. A new replacement has already been found with skinsman Bootsmann Collins. Frontman Admiral Nobeard comments:

"Ahoy scallywags and asshats! There's been a bit of a change in the 'buckle rank as of late. We have recently parted ways with drummer Captain Crashride. He brought us five years of service and utter shenanigans, and we wish him nothing but the best in combating that extreme outbreak of scurvy. With that being said, we now have a new drummer stepping up to fill the boots and more so to speak, and that man be none other than Bootsmann Collins. He's a fucking killer drummer and quite the retarded pirate. So we couldn't be more stoked to have him aboard. So please give him a warm welcome with yar internet shit-talk and utter disgust for everything piratical. We wouldn't have it any other way. Eat a bowl of fuck! Check out the bootsmann's other band as well – WE ALL HAVE DAY JOBS."

Check out the video introduction below.

Swashbuckle’s new album Crime Always Pays is set to be unleashed in summer 2010. Some song-titles include:

'This Rounds On You!'

'Raw-doggin' At The Rawbar'

'The Gallows Pole Dancer'

'A Time Of Wooden Ships And Iron Men'

'At the Bottom Of A Glass'

'Powder Keg'

'Where Victory Is Penned'

'We Are The Storm'

'Of Hooks And Hornswagglers'

'Ropes End'

'Legacy's Allure'

'You Bring the Cannons, We'll Bring the Balls'

'Crime Always Pays'

'To Steal A Life'

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