Switzerland's FEUERZEUG Release Dead Wahines And Tsunamis Album; Track Streaming

January 10, 2013, 3 years ago

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Lausanne, Switzerland-based stoner rock/fuzz band FEUERZEUG have released their new album, Dead Wahines And Tsunamis.

The album includes the following tracklisting:

'Cyclops Will Be Beheaded'


'Evel Knievel Has Kissed The Devil'

'I'll Scratch Until I Bleed A Flood'


'Fusion Van'

'Cruising The Desert (Pt. 1)'

'Cruising The Desert (Pt. 2)'

'Release The Kraken'


'Lieuplorodon Vs Giant Orthocone'

'Magma, Lava And Burned Karma'

'Dead Wahines And Tsunamis'

Listen to the track 'Release The Kraken' below:

The album is available at this location.

More on Feuerzeug here.

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