TARJA TURUNEN - "It’s A Beautiful Thing That I Have Already Managed To Do Both Opera And Metal"

September 26, 2009, 9 years ago

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In an exclusive interview with ex-NIGHTWISH frontwoman, TARJA TURUNEN, Greek-based Rockpages Web Magazine talked with the Finnish singer about her solo career, Nightwish, opera and other interesting stuff. Here's an excerpt:

Rockpages.gr: The last time that we talked, you had said to me that you’d probably see yourself in 15 years singing Opera. Do you think that maybe this time approaches?

Tarja Turunen: "Well I hope so…you know…I hope that in the future my voice would be even stronger. We will see, for the time being I focus on my career as a solo artist and if the conditions are right in the future and if I am lucky then who knows? Maybe, I will do opera, too."

Rockpages.gr: Do you think that the opera audience will welcome a singer that made a name from the metal scene?

Tarja Turunen: "They have done it already! I have done opera in Finland and people were really positive - they didn’t pay attention to the fact that I am the singer of a metal band. After all, they don’t expect to hear metal songs in the opera, they wanna hear a good and powerful voice. Let me tell you something. The opera audience shares one thing in common with the metal audience: the love for music! As I say, I am not a fan of metal music, I am a fan of music simple as that! It’s a beautiful thing that I have already managed to do both opera and metal. I love them both, you know."

Rockpages.gr: I probably know the answer to that last question, but our readers want to hear it straight from you…the last Nightwish Tour got negative reviews from the worldwide music press. Maybe, there is something in the horizon?

Tarja Turunen: "Are there such rumors in Greece…(laughs)…me and Nightwish? Noooo…of course, not!"

Rockpages.gr: I was sure but I wanted to hear it straight from you…

Tarja Turunen: "No, there are just rumors. There is no truth in that."

Read the whole interview at this location.

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