TED NUGENT – “An Accurate And Completely Honest Musical Unleashing”

August 18, 2007, 6 years ago

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The unstoppable TED NUGENT has been busy touring in pre-support and support of his new studio album, Love Grenade. Look for a full feature on the album in BW&BK in issue #107, as well as preliminary info in issue #106. “On Craveman, the song ‘Crave’, embodied my defiance,” exclaims Ted to BW&BK's Martin Popoff, as background to what makes his music tick like, er, a love grenade. “’A simple life I will not have/it doesn’t satisfy me/I don’t believe in the status quo/it kind of leaves me weak.’ Fuck you to standard operating procedures by soulless little emotion-less flat-lining compliant subservient fucks out there. So that’s never changed (laughs); that’s a great source of joy for my band out there, all of my teammates. So it’s a matter of delivery, it’s a matter of chord changes and guitar licks, and what Craveman represented, hell, what the first damn AMBOY DUKES album represented, any album I ever made represented, is an accurate and completely honest musical unleashing of my current state of mind, my current celebration of life, good, bad and ugly. And it manifests itself in the spontaneous guitar licks that leap off my fingers and off the fretboard every fucking time I pick it up. So, you know, never has there been a moment of contemplation, about, geez, I wonder what music I should make today. No, no, no, it’s geez, I wonder if that girl’s sexy. Let me check my penis and see if it’s getting stiff. Fuck you! It’s going to happen, baby! And I think that music, as most good things in life, should be... once one absolutely commits himself to intelligent prioritization in life, intelligent accountability in life, as I’ve done for 59 years, then you just have an imminent absolute faith in what you do or say is going to be, not only OK, but me. This is what I believe. I don’t have to think about the shit. I’ve been paying attention for a long time.” Eagle Records will release Ted Nugent's new album Love Grenade on September 4th in North America.
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