THE AGONIST Vocalist Vicky Psarakis Covers KAMELOT's "When The Lights Are Down"; Audio Available

May 25, 2014, 5 years ago

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Vicky Psarakis, new vocalist for The Agonist, recently posted her vocal cover of Kamelot's "When The Lights Are Down", taken from the band's 2005 album The Black Halo:

Following is an excerpt from Carl Begai's recent interview with The Agonist guitarist Danny Marino, who discussed finding Psarakis through her vocal clips on YouTube:

Vicky Psarakis was a virtual unknown with an extensive catalogue of cover songs on YouTube (Nightwish, Therion, Nevermore (!)) including The Agonist's "Thank You Pain", which was recorded long before the band was a part of her life. The search for a new singer was done behind closed doors by Danny scouring the internet for possible candidates.

"We didn't want to go public unless we had to," he explains. "That whole 'Hey everyone, send your videos in!' kinda thing... I don't know about that. Killswitch Engage did that and they ended up picking their old singer (laughs). It wasn't easy, and it definitely not an easy spot to fill. It took some time searching and luckily we live in the internet age, and that how I came across her. A lot of people post their work online and I was sifting through a bunch of stuff and that's how I found Vicky. I was immediately impressed but I had some questions because there were some stylistic differences. I needed to know what she could and could not do. She sent me some samples of her work and they were great, I spoke with the other guys in the band about her, I spoke with Vicky a bunch of times to get to know her as much as I could. She could have shown up and we might have been there thinking 'Oh my God, she's crazy...' (laughs). So far it's been nothing but amazing and everyone is really happy with the results."

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The Agonist released a 2-song digital single on April 29th via Century Media, the first to feature Psarakis.


'Disconnect Me'

'Perpetual Notion'

'Disconnect Me' lyric video:

For information on Psarakis check out her official Facebook page here.

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