THE ALCOHOLLYS Announce Free Show With GYPSY CHIEF GOLIATH For London, Ontario

October 28, 2013, a year ago

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THE ALCOHOLLYS, featuring KITTIE drummer Mercedes Lander and former Kittie bassist Tanya Candler, have announced a free show at The Richmond Tavern in their home town of London, Ontario. Other bands include GYPSY CHIEF GOLIATH, THUNDER BITCHIN' and THEM COUNTRY BASTARDZ. Go to this location for event details. Check out The Alcohollys' live cover of THE CARS hit 'Let's Go' and their original song 'Lily Foot' below: The Alcohollys have posted a short studio documentary of the sessions for The Flashback EP. It was recorded at Beachroad Studios in Goderich, Ontario with Siegfried Meier. Check it out below. The Alcohollys are: Kimber Heart - vocals, keys Scarlet Fever - bass, vocals Ruby Pubey - drums, vocals Maiden China - guitar

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MAMMOTH MAMMOTH - "Electric Sunshine"

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