THE ALCOHOLLYS - Debut EP Now Available In CD Format

February 16, 2013, 6 years ago

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THE ALCOHOLLYS, featuring KITTIE drummer Mercedes Lander and former Kittie bassist Tanya Candler, officially released The Flashback EP on February 12th as a digital download. It is now available as a two-track CD here.

Mercedes is featured in a new interview with BW&BK;'s Carl Begai discussing the birth of th eband and future plans. An excerpt is available below:

Mercedes: “I don’t think we have a particular sound compared to other bands where people can say ‘Oh, that band is death metal…’ or whatever. The closest thing that I think we fit into is the ‘70s power pop movement. It’s weird, though, because we play a lot of metal shows, so we’re obviously the odd man out. For instance, the last time we played Windsor it was us and three metal bands, but we had the biggest crowd of the night. I think the appeal of The Alcohollys to the metal crowd is the musicianship in the band.”

Go to this location for the complete interview.

Tracks featured on the EP are 'Flashback To '93' and '27 Death Riot / Demolition In Speed City'; it can also be purchased via Amazon using the widget at the bottom of the page. Check out '27 Death Riot' below:

The Alcohollys are:

Kimber Heart - vocals, keys

Scarlet Fever - bass, vocals

Ruby Pubey - drums, vocals

Maiden China - guitar

Featured Audio

BIFF BYFORD – “Welcome To The Show” (Silver Lining)

BIFF BYFORD – “Welcome To The Show” (Silver Lining)

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Exclusive: WITHIN NOSTALGIA Premieres “Death Lifes’ Lover” Video

Exclusive: WITHIN NOSTALGIA Premieres “Death Lifes’ Lover” Video

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