THE ALCOHOLLYS Featuring Present/Past KITTIE Members Announce Live Date With NAIL For London, Ontario

June 23, 2013, 4 years ago

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THE ALCOHOLLYS, featuring KITTIE drummer Mercedes Lander and former Kittie bassist Tanya Candler, have issued the following update:

"London! The Alcohollys are going to be bustin' a move EOA June 29th at the East Side Bar And Grill on Hamilton Road with our good buddies NAIL. Tickets are $5 and are available through all of The Alcohollys ladies. Message us here for ticket pick up info and be sure to check out to event here for more info!"

Check out the band's live cover of THE CARS hit 'Let's Go' below:

The Alcohollys held a release party for their debut, The Flashback EP, on April 19th at Call The Office in their home town of London, Ontario. Multi-camera footage courtesy of Local Live Entertainment featuring the band performing 'Lily Foot' is available below:

Following is an excerpt from a recent interview with The Alcohollys by BW&BK;'s Carl Begai:

Mercedes: “I’ve only been in The Alcohollys since 2011, but the band has been around since 2009. Dana started the band with some girls that aren’t in the band anymore, and Tanya joined in 2010. When they lost their drummer, I’m pretty much the only female drummer they know in town (laughs). They asked me if I wanted to join and I wasn’t doing anything, so I said ‘Fuck yeah.’ I’ve known Dana (Hartman / vocals, keyboards) for something like 17 years, and I know Tanya of course from playing in Kittie. And we have out new guitar player, Bri (Lue-Kim), so since 2011 we’ve gotten serious about this band.”

Take the above description of the band’s sound for what it’s worth; in this office, that’s a lot.. Bottom line is The Alcohollys stick out like a sore thumb on today’s rock scene and are better for it, right down to their stage names: Kimber Heart, Scarlet Fever, Ruby Pubey and Maiden China. Kittie fans and metalheads in general with narrow minds would do well to buy a can opener.

Mercedes: “I don’t think we have a particular sound compared to other bands where people can say ‘Oh, that band is death metal…’ or whatever. The closest thing that I think we fit into is the ‘70s power pop movement. It’s weird, though, because we play a lot of metal shows, so we’re obviously the odd man out. For instance, the last time we played Windsor it was us and three metal bands, but we had the biggest crowd of the night. I think the appeal of The Alcohollys to the metal crowd is the musicianship in the band.”

According to Dana, in spite of The Alcohollys’ modern day ‘70s sound – something one would assume most musicians on the low side of 30 would shy away from in favour of mindless pop pap or trendy death / black / oh-so-evil metal – she hasn’t had a problem finding musicians to keep the band moving forward.

Dana: “I find that girls are more open to playing this kind of music, something that’s more pop-oriented. Nobody’s had any complaints (laughs). I’ve always wanted to have an all- girl band but I could never find enough girls to make a full band, so now I’m living my dream (laughs).”

The ones that did rock the boat have since taken a hike or were invited to leave, making way for a quartet that most certainly has its collective shit together.

Mercedes: “We run in a circle of really awesome musicians. All of our friends play an instrument so we kind of have our pick of players, which is nice. London isn’t really known for great musicians (laughs) but I think we hang with the cream of the crop.”

Tanya: “When we work together it’s chemical but it’s magic, too. Everything is really organic the way it comes out when we jam together. We’re usually on the same page about things when it comes to what sounds good and what doesn’t.”

Mercedes: “When I joined the band, all the songs except ’27 Death Riot’ were finished. I think the toughest part for me was re-writing the drum parts to make them…”

Tanya: “Make them good (laughs)…”

Mercedes: “(Laughs) … make them part of my style, and at the same time lend itself to the music. There were previous recordings – which we won’t talk about because they’re terrible – but I really had to do my homework.”

Go to this location for the complete interview.

The Alcohollys have posted a short studio documentary of the sessions for The Flashback EP. It was recorded at Beachroad Studios in Goderich, Ontario with Siegfried Meier. Check it out below.

The Alcohollys are:

Kimber Heart - vocals, keys

Scarlet Fever - bass, vocals

Ruby Pubey - drums, vocals

Maiden China - guitar

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