THE BLACK LOCUST PROJECT - Free Demo Download Ends On November 30th

November 22, 2012, 3 years ago

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Former THEATRE OF TRAGEDY drummer Hein Frode Hansen recently launched a new band, THE BLACK LOCUST PROJECT, with Kristian Sigland (vocals, guitars, bass / ex-THE CREST) and Marcus Granlien (guitars / TO CAST A SHADOW). The band's new four song demo, including printable artwork,has been available for free download via here since April 2012.

Word has come down that this link will be deleted on November 30th.

Two of the tracks, 'We Remain Strangers' and 'Wounded Sky', are available for streaming below. Former Theatre Of Tragedy vocalist Nell Sigland does backing tracks on both songs, but her role is one of subtle nuances rather than an in-your-face performance.

Latest tracks by The Black Locust Project

Check out The Black Locust Project's official Facebook page here.

As previously reported, Theatre Of Tragedy released their Last Curtain Call DVD/CD set and two-CD on May 20th, 2011. It features 18 tracks spanning the band's entire career. The concert film has a running time of 94 minutes and includes a half hour On The Road movie from the last tour of the band, footage from the last ever rehearsal 01.10.10 (with fans attending) as well as in-depth interviews with all band members shot in January 2011. The concert film features both stereo and 5.1 surround sound. Audio was mixed by Alex Møklebust and mastered by Chris Sansom at Propeller Mastering. In addition there is a live CD included with the bands pick of their live favorites.

The tracklist for the DVD is as follows:

'Hide And Seek'

'Bring Forth ye Shadow'



'Ashes and Dreams'

'A Rose for the Dead'


'And when He Falleth'






'A Hamlet for a Slothful Vassal'



'Der Tanz der Schatten'

'Forever Is The World'

The tracklist for the double-CD is as follows:

CD 1:

'Hide And Seek'

'Bring Forth Ye Shadow'


'Ashes And Dreams'

'A Rose For The Dead'


'And When He Falleth And Venus'

CD 2:


'Storm, Image'

'A Hamlet For A Slothful Vassal'



'Der Tanz Der Schatten And Forever Is The World'

For more info visit A DVD teaser is available below:

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