THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN - New Album Not Available At Target Or Wal-Mart: "Do You Really Wanna Buy Your Art At The Same Place You Buy Toilet Paper?"

March 22, 2010, 9 years ago

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THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN's Greg Puciato has checked in with the following update:

"Here we are. Four months after we finished recording, a year after we started writing, and twelve years into our existence, we are proud to bring you our fourth full length album, Option Paralysis. We put, to use a cliche, our heart and souls into this album, driving ourselves as individuals to the brink of insanity and as close to the line of personal destruction as possible to get the most out of ourselves as possible as artists. This is the ten songs that came out. We started with a title, a theme that resonated with us all, Option Paralysis, before one note or lyric was written, and now a year later with the physical release, it is still only part of the process. While you're listening and digesting, we'll be coming to every city that'll have us, getting to know you guys up close and personal in dark sweaty venues around the world, for the next year and a half or so, chasing after the muse that keeps us doing this year after year. If you like our record, and like what we represent as a band, please pick up a copy and help shine a light on, support, and build the culture that you and we want to see. With all the chaos that has happened in the last decade or so, the tearing down of old norms, it is time for a new renaissance, a new enlightenment, where artists and creators and human beings looking to connect and enrich their own and one another's lives can thrive and develop. It is only by choosing, supporting, and acknowledging as important those things that we want to see thrive, that we can reshape a better and more fruitful culture for ourselves. Please remember to support all art you love, not just ours, but independent quality of any kind, whether it be local stores and mom and pop shops, organic local grown foods, organizations you believe in, or a killer band you just discovered, or have loved for a long time.

Option Paralysis can be found on Amazon, iTunes, through the Season Of Mist webstore, in independent record stores everywhere, and in your local Best Buys and what have you, although it will NOT be in Target and Wal-Mart (do you really wanna buy your art at the same place you buy toilet paper?) so don't bother heading there. Pick it up, put it in, check out the lyrics and design and liner notes, and enjoy.

Thank you Steve Evetts for being with us since the very beginning and helping us get the best out of ourselves and for always giving it your best too. Thanks to Season Of Mist for helping us realize our vision with this album, and thanks to everyone behind the scenes for working their asses off getting worlds of shit done by today's release date(you know who you are), and thanks in advance for everyone that's gonna work hard to make this year and a half of touring happen without too many disasters. Thanks to our family and friends and loved ones for putting up with us when we're so immersed in all of this that it seems like it's all we care about.

Thanks to every one of you for sticking by us for so long, and if you just showed up to the party, welcome aboard, we're gonna be sailing this mother fucker for a while to come, nice to have you on board.

See you all on tour. Hope you enjoy the album, we love you, do that shit live."

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The Dillinger Escape Plan's brand new video for 'Farewell, Mona Lisa' from their forthcoming Option Paralysis album can be viewed below:

The complete tracklisting for Option Paralysis is as follows:

'Farewell, Mona Lisa'

'Good Neighbor'

'Gold Teeth On A Bum'

'Crystal Morning'

'Endless Endings'


'Room Full Of Eyes'

'Chinese Whispers'

'I Wouldn't If You Didn't'

'Parasitic Twins'

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