The Early Years Of THIN LIZZY's Phil Lynott As Told By His Mother; Audio Available

October 9, 2012, 4 years ago

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In a new interview with the BBC, Philomena Lynott, the mother of late THIN LIZZY mainman Phillip Lynott, talks about the early years of her son’s life.

In the 1940s Lynott was living in the English city of Birmingham. She’d left Ireland to take a job there as a nurse, and in the evenings she’d go out on the town.

“I used to go dancing,” she said, “and while I was at the dancehall one night, a very tall dark man walked right across the whole room and asked me to dance. And I did.”

The man was black, and from Guyana. He was in the military, Lynott remembered, and when the pair came off the dance floor together, everyone else moved away. There wasn’t much tolerance for that kind of thing back then, let alone for an ongoing relationship.

“When you got on a bus or anything people looked at you like you were vermin because you were in the company of a black man,” she recalled. It was horrendous: I was only 17 or going on 18.”

Soon she was pregnant. But Lynott couldn’t tell her family back in Ireland, and so she looked for other options.


Listen to the program on SoundCloud below:

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