THE JOKERS - Rock & Roll Is Alive Album Artwork, Tracklisting Revealed

July 4, 2013, 4 years ago

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UK-based rockers THE JOKERS - consisting of brothers Paul (guitar) and Simon (bass) Hurst and their two colleagues Wane Parry (vocals) and Chris Poole (drums) - will release their sophomore album, Rock & Roll Is Alive, on August 30th in Germany, September 2nd in Europe, and September 10th in North America, via Steamhammer/SPV.

Rock & Roll Is Alive tracklisting:

'Silver City'

'Rock 'N' Roll Is Alive'


'Blood Of Ox'

'Night Driver'

'Let It Rock'

'Find My Way Home'

'Sky Line'


'Bring Your Love Back To Me'

'Dr. Rock Head'

'Radio' snippet:

The Jokers first came to public attention in summer 2009 when their debut album The Big Rock’n’Roll Show was released independently, achieving remarkable sales within a few months. Countless shows in seedy clubs and shady joints followed, the four musicians having only one target: to make The Jokers popular and to grow as artists.

“We’re a hard-working band. We like to play as often as we can and keep learning all the time,” Paul Hurst explains. “Everything about The Jokers is honest and authentic, our sole aim is to be successful and make people happy.”

Over almost two years, The Jokers spent a total of five months working on Rock’n’Roll Is Alive with producer Andy Macpherson (ERIC CLAPTON, THE WHO, BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST, THE BUZZCOCKS). The result is bound to delight all rock music fans. Hurst: “We have grown perceptibly in the past 24 months and are now ready to present an album which bears its title with justification. Rock’n’Roll is an attitude, it stands for freedom, tolerance and self-fulfilment. Rock’n’Roll Is Alive reflects all these aspects perfectly.”

The Jokers lineup:

Wane Parry (vocals)

Paul Hurst (guitar)

Simon Hurst (bass)

Chris Poole (drums)

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