THE MELVINS Van Featuring KURT COBAIN KISS Art On Sale On eBay

March 6, 2012, 5 years ago

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According to Fox News, a broken-down brown and cream-colored van that is covered in graffiti and has not been moved since 1998 is attracting the interest of grunge music fans after being listed for sale on eBay.

The Melvan, one of the first touring vans of Seattle band THE MELVINS, features a sketch on the side of rock band KISS that was drawn by grunge rocker and NIRVANA frontman Kurt Cobain. Cobain was an acquaintance of the band.

By Monday night, the 1972 Dodge Sportsman Royal had received 38 bids, pushing its price to $10,300 with a week to go in the online auction.

The seller described the van as "a very unique piece of Melvins/Nirvana history" and "truly one of a kind."

Read the entire story at this location.

For more details visit eBay.

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