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October 8, 2007, 11 years ago

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As previously reported, Berlin's THE OCEAN have returned with an extensive concept album called Precambrian. To listen to the new track, 'ForTheGreatBlueCold' click here.

According to a press release, "the double disc is the soundtrack to the beginning of evolution, subdivided into two successive geological eons (Hadean/Archean and Proterozoic). The songs are divided into five subordinate eras, with the song titles carrying the names of subordinate geological periods. Disc 1 features the typical The Ocean brutality while Disc 2 shows the deeper, more emotional side of what the collective also stands for."

Precambrian will be available as a deluxe digipack and was recorded in the band's own Oceanland studio as well as in Sweden, Belgium, the Netherlands, Los Angeles and Seattle. Once again the incredible artwork was done by highly acclaimed artist Martin Kvamme (FANTOMAS, TOMAHAWK, PATTON/KAADA).


CD 1 - Hadean / Archean

I Hadean


II Archean

'Eorchean', 'Paleoachean', 'Mesoarchean', 'Neoarchean'.

CD 2 - Proterozoic

III Palaeoproterozoic

'Siderian', 'Rhyacian', 'Orosirian', 'Statherian',

IV Mesoproterozoic

'Calymmian', 'Ectasian', 'Stenian',

V Neoproterozoic

'Tonian', 'Cryogenian'.

Precambrian runs 84 minutes in total, features guest appearances by Scofield (CAVE IN, ZOZOBA, OLD MAN GLOOM), Nate Newton (CONVERGE, DOOMRIDERS), Dwid Hellion (INTEGRITY), Tomas Hallbom (BREACH), Eric Kalsbeek (TEXTURES) as well as musicians of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra and will be released on November 2nd (Germany/Austria/Switzerland/Italy) / November 5th (Europe) via Metal Blade Records. The album will be released in North America on November 27th.

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