THE PETE FLESH DEATHTRIP - Selections From Mortui Vivos Docent Now Streaming

June 22, 2013, 4 years ago

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THE PETE FLESH DEATHTRIP (previously known as FLESH) reinstates his god-degrading faith with a brand new hellish mockery entitled Mortui Vivos Docent.

Proving once again with a flair for discordant death metal obscurity, Mortui Vivos Docent truly exceeds all of Mr. Flesh's previous releases; the iniquitous vibe is clearly more evident and with blasphemous intent reeking in pure ominous fashion.With the abhorrent artwork and layout designed and conceptualized by Erik Sahlström (CRUCIFYRE, GENERAL SURGERY), Mortui Vivos Docent was recorded, mixed and mastered at Studio Beast, Sweden, by Peter Bjärgö (TYRANT, CRYPT OF KERBEROS, ex-VINTERLAND). The dead shall guide the living in all eternal pyre!

Mortui Vivos Docent is set for a July 23rd North American release on Pulverised Records. Album tracks 'Fallen Bliss', 'The Suicide End' and 'Crave The Fire' are streaming below:

Recording lineup for Mortui Vivos Docent:

Pete Flesh: vocals/guitars/bass

Micke Broberg: session vocals

Andreas Jonsson: session drums

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