THE WHO To Record New Album This Year; Celebrating 50th Anniversary In 2014

January 30, 2014, 3 years ago

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ROGER DALTREY says he will reunite with his THE WHO bandmate PETE TOWNSHEND this year to make a new album. Speaking to NME as he announced the lineup for this March's annual series of Teenage Cancer Trust gigs, curated by Daltrey, he revealed that Townshend has been working on new material.

"Pete's got hundreds of songs," he said. "So the only question is whether we get around to it, but he wants to make an album and I'm always ready and raring to go. We'll see. I never know what I'm doing next, it's about what comes through my letterbox tomorrow, but I don't see why we wouldn't. My voice is still in good shape. The hearing isn't so great, but the voice is fine."

The album would be The Who's 12th, their first since 2006's Endless Wire. Daltrey, who has curated the Teenage Cancer Trust's annual concerts at the Royal Albert Hall since 2000, said he and Townshend won't be performing at the gigs this year as they have done during the past 14 years. Asked if the gap in the schedule on Friday, March 29th could be a slot for them, he said: "No, it's definitely not us. We have someone, but we can't announced them until this band has announced something else first."


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