THE WINERY DOGS - Preview Of Mike Portnoy's Forthcoming Drum Cam Recording Session DVD Available

April 30, 2013, 4 years ago

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The clip below is a sneak preview of Mike Portnoy's upcoming drum cam DVD for THE WINERY DOGS' debut album, coming July 2013. Check out 'Elevate' below:

The Winery Dogs, featuring Portnoy (ADRENALINE MOB, FLYING COLORS, ex-DREAM THEATER), bassist Billy Sheehan (MR. BIG, TALAS) and guitarist Richie Kotzen (ex-POISON, ex-Mr. Big) - recently released their first video, for the track 'Elevate'. Watch the new clip below:

'Elevate' is featured on the band's self-titled debut album, out in Japan on May 15th via Victor Entertainment with a bonus DVD (other territories to be announced soon).




'We Are One'

'I'm No Angel'

'The Other Side'

'You Saved Me'

'Not Hopeless'

'One More Time'


'Six Feet Deeper'


'The Dying'


Bonus DVD:



'I'm No Angel'

According to a recent update The Winery Dogs will kick off their World Tour with two shows in Japan in July, on the 16th in Osaka and the 17th in Tokyo. Details and Japan tour updates are available at this location.

Following is Portnoy's final official diary entry from the recording sessions, issued in August 2012:

Day #11:

"Monumental day today... we finish the 14th and final song! I can't recall many albums I've done where I've had these many new, original songs. What an amazing assortment of material to choose from! Not sure if we'll end up with all 14 on the album, but we'll surely use 'em all for one purpose or another...

Anyways, the 14th and final song is another one we wrote back in the second writing session back in February. It doesn't have lyrics yet, so it's temporarily called 'Seven' (for two reasons: it was the seventh song we wrote and the main riff also happens to be in 7/8 time). It's one of the more upbeat, rocking tracks, kinda in the vein of STP, VELVET REVOLVER or SOUNDGARDEN. Nail the song in two takes, comp and I AM DONE! (well, with the "album's drums" at least... still have percussion, some b-vox and maybe a few other drum tracks if we cut some covers or bonus tracks).

While working on the comp and a few other drum edits, I decided to quickly interview Richie for those of you that have never seen him interviewed before (I know he may not seem like what you thought he'd be like, but he really is a nice guy...):

Anyways, that may be it for my studio diary...

I have two more days with the guys in LA during which we have a few 'business' things to do (management meetings, maybe a photo session, etc) and maybe if we have time, maybe a few bonus covers??? We'll see. But I may not be back to enter that stuff into the studio diary (plus, I like keeping cover choices a surprise even if we do!)

So at this point, this is MP signing off! I have been blessed to have been a part of so many great bands and projects through the years: Dream Theater, LIQUID TENSION EXPERIMENT, TRANSATLANTIC, Adrenaline Mob, Flying Colors, AVENGED SEVENFOLD, NEAL MORSE's solo albums, OSI, etc etc and I must say this new band with Billy and Richie is absolutely up there with some of the coolest stuff I've ever been a part of!!

These two guys are absolute first class musicians and great guys...and I am honored to be in a band with them! I really feel this band has a strong future ahead of it and will transcend the 'project' label. No doubt about it, this is a REAL BAND that has the ability to make a real mark in the scene and become a very strong next chapter in all three of our lives and careers. I can't wait to share it with you all!! Coming in 2013..."

Click here for the complete diary series. Check out The Winery Dogs' official Facebook page here.

More on The Winery Dogs at this location.

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