THIN LIZZY - Deluxe Editions Of Bad Reputation, Black Rose: A Rock Legend, Chinatown Due In June

May 13, 2011, 8 years ago

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Irish hard rock legends THIN LIZZY will see another three titles from their classic catalog reissued on June 27th in the UK including Bad Reputation (1977), Black Rose: A Rock Legend (1979) and Chinatown (1980). Each Deluxe Edition has been remixed and remastered by guitarist Scott Gorham along with DEF LEPPARD frontman Joe Elliott and contain the original album on one CD, a second CD with rare bonus tracks.

The tracklistings are below:

Bad Reputation

Disc: 1

'Soldier Of Fortune'

'Bad Reputation'

'Opium Trail'


'Dancing In The Moonlight (It's Caught Me In It's Spotlight)'

'Killer Without A Cause'

'Downtown Sundown'

'That Woman's Gonna Break Your Heart'

'Dear Lord'

Disc: 2

'Killer Without A Cause' (BBC Session: August 1st, 1977)

'Bad Reputation' (BBC Session: August 1st, 1977)

'That Woman's Gonna Break Your Heart' (BBC Session: August 1st, 1977)

'Dancing In The Moonlight (It's Caught Me In A Spotlight)' (BBC Session: August 1st, 1977)

'Downtown Sundown' (BBC Session: August 1st, 1977)

'Me And The Boys' (BBC Session: August 1st, 1977)

Black Rose: A Rock Legend

Disc: 1

'Do Anything You Want To'

'Toughest Street In Town'

'S & M'

'Waiting For An Alibi'

'Sarah (Version 3)'

'Got To Give It Up'

'Get Out Of Here'

'With Love'

'Roisin Dubh (Black Rose): A Rock Legend'

Disc: 2

'Just The Two Of Us' (B-Side)

'A Night In The Life Of A Blues Singer' (longer version)

'Rock Your Love' (unreleased)

'Don't Believe A Word' (slow version Phil Lynott and Gary Moore on vocals)

'Toughest Street In Town' (different version)

1978 Nassau Session Versions:

'S & M'

'Got To Give It Up'

'Cold Black Night'

'With Love'

'Black Rose':

'Part One: Shenandoah'

'Part Two: Will You Go Lassie Go'

'Part Three: Danny Boy'

'Part Four: The Mason's Apron'


Disc: 1

'We Will Be Strong'



'Sugar Blues'

'Killer On The Loose'

'Having A Good Time'


'Didn't I'

'Hey You''

Disc: 2

'Don't Play Around' (B-Side)

'We Will Be Strong' (Single)

'Sugar Blues - Chinatown' (7" single)

'Whiskey In The Jar - Nineteen' (7" single double pack)

'Are You Ready - Killers' (live 7" single)

'Chinatown - Killer on the loose' (7" single)

'Got To Give It Up - Killer on the loose' (7" single)

'Dear Miss Lonely Hearts - Killers' (live 7" single)

'Killer On The Loose - Thunder and lightning' (bonus LP)

'Chinatown' (edited version)

'Hey You' (edited version)

'We Will Be Strong' (Demo)

'Chinatown' (Demo)

'Don't Play Around' (Soundcheck - Hammersmith; May 29th, 1980)

'Sweetheart' (Soundcheck - Hammersmith; May 29th, 1980)

'Didn't I' (Soundcheck – Cork)

'Hey You' (Soundcheck - Cork)

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