This Day In ... Friday, July 25th

July 25, 2014, 3 years ago

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This Day In ... Friday, July 25th

Happy 45th Birthday Trevor Peres (OBITUARY) - July 25th, 1969

Happy 73rd Birthday Manuel Charlton (NAZARETH) - July 25th, 1941

Happy 71st Birthday James Stanley "Jim" McCarty (THE YARDBIRDS) - July 25th, 1943

Happy 64th Birthday Mark Clarke (URIAH HEEP, COLISSEUM) - July 25th, 1950

Happy 41st Birthday Daniel Lloyd Davey (aka Dani Filth; CRADLE OF FILTH) - July 25th, 1973

Happy 46th Birthday Tommie Helgesson (aka Snowy Shaw; KING DIAMOND, DREAM EVIL, NOTRE DAME, MEMENTO MORI) - July 25th, 1968

Happy 31st Birthday METALLICA's Kill 'Em All - July 25th, 1983

Happy 25th Birthday ALICE COOPER's Trash - July 25th, 1989


Happy 20th Birthday MACHINE HEAD's Burn My Eyes - July 25th, 1994


Happy 19th Birthday MESHUGGAH's Destroy Erase Improve  - July 25th, 1995

(Trevor Peres photo on 70000 Tons Of Metal by Håkon Grav)


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