THOR - Devastation Of Musculation Album Details Revealed

May 24, 2006, 12 years ago

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Smog Veil Records has announced that the new THOR full-length release titled, Devastation Of Musculation, will hit stores on July 25. Smog Veil Records is distributed by Revolver, Super D, Morphius, Scratch (Canada), Southern, CTD, Choke, Get Hip, Cargo, Subterranean, KOCH

(Canada), FAB (Canada) and World Chaos Productions (Japan).

Devastation of Musculation was recorded and produced by Jon Mikl Thor whose production credits include the soundtrack for the film Zombie Nightmare which features performances by MOTÖRHEAD and GIRLSCHOOL. Sharing production credits for the album is Mike Kischnick (EMPYRIA, SEVERED SERENITY). All of the work on the album was done at Iron Works Studios in Kelowna, BC. Recording began in November 2005 and was completed in March 2006. Mastering was handled by Craig Waddel at Gotham City Studios (VAN HALEN, AEROSMITH) in Vancouver, BC.

"I recently saw a program about The Man Whose Arm Exploded" Thor recounts. "It was about a guy who wanted have the biggest biceps in the world. He pumped himself up with so many steroids and oil injections that his arms reached 50 inches and actually exploded! That is Devastation Of Musculation!" Thor continues "Trying to make sense out of these desperate measures is what this new album is about. It is easily the darkest and most powerful album I have ever written.²

In addition to completing the new album, Thor filmed three videos to help promote it. The 'Release The Beast' video is featured on the CD and was directed by Benn McGuire and produced by Knock 'Em Down Productions and Jon Mikl Thor for Chompa-VMS Ltd. The videos completed for 'Devastation Of Musculation' and 'Lords Of Steel' will debut during an upcoming Smog Veil podcast.

Musicians on the album include Jon Mikl Thor on lead vocals, Mike Kischnick on guitars and keys, Ogron on bass and Panthar on drums. Special guest musicians who will join Thor on tour include Frank Meyer, Bruce Duff, Frank Soda, Ben Frith, Rob Begg, Jeff Decker, Adam Riddle, Mike Favata, Umberto Soda, Steve Price, Keith Zazzi and Steve Stack. The ten tracks on Devastation Of Musculation are Lords Of Steel', 'Devastation Of Musculation', 'Lies Of Eternity', 'Cold White Ghost', 'Queen Of The Damned', 'Union Of Power', 'The Return Of Odin's Son', 'Release The Beast', 'Abandon', 'Tale Of The Wolf/Warriors Of The Universe.'

Upcoming Thor live dates are as follows:


18 - Seattle, WA at Sunset Tavern
19 - Portland, OR at Dante's
20 - Arcata, CA at The Alibi
21 - San Francisco, CA at 12 Galaxies
22 - Los Angeles, CA
23 - San Diego, CA at Brick By Brick
24 - Phoenix, AZ at Modified Arts
27 - Tucson, AZ at tba
28 - El Paso, TX at tba
30 - Austin, TX at tba
31 - Houston, TX at tba


1 - Dallas, TX at tba
2 - Oklahoma City, OK at tba
3 - Little Rock, AR at tba
4 - St. Louis, MO at tba
5 - Columbia, MO at tba
6 - Lawrence, KS at tba
7 - Omaha, NE at tba
8 - Denver, CO at tba
9 - Salt Lake City, UT at tba
10 - Boise, ID at tba
12 - Portland, OR at tba
13 - Tacoma, WA at tba
14 - Bellingham, WA at tba
15 - Vancouver, BC at tba

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