TOBY KNAPP - "I'm So Glad To Be Done Teaching Guitar; What A Miserable Life That Was"

March 17, 2013, 4 years ago

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ONWARD / GODLESS RISING guitarist TOBY KNAPP is featured in a new interview with Argentina's Metal Keeper webzine. An excerpt is available below:

On favourite guitar scales: "I quit teaching nearly a decade ago so the terminology isn't important to me anymore. I like MARTY FRIEDMANN's approach quite a lot. I mix everything up and play by ear, if I like how it sounds that's all that matters. I'm so glad to be done teaching guitar; what a miserable life that was."

Top 5 guitars solos of all time: "I like the trade offs in 'The King's Cup' with MACALPINE AND WATSON. 'Battery' by KIRK HAMMETT. I really appreciate 'In The Dead Of Night', which was ALLAN HOLDSWORTH. I love the simple solo in THIN LIZZY's 'Fight Or Fall', and pretty much every solo on YNGWIE MALMSTEEN's Marching Out album."

On his favorite guitar: "A Fender Squier Stratocaster modeled after a '70s strat I won on eBay for $100. I can't believe this guitar! I wrote and demoed my entire forthcoming solo album with it."

Click here for the complete interview.

Knapp recently announced the titles of the nine tracks to appear on his forthcoming solo album Static Warfare. They are as follows:

'Static Warfare'


'The Impossibility of Reason'

'X Class Flare'

'Plasma Spheroid'

'Not If But When'

'Trashed Radiation Shield'

'The Arrival Of Polaris'

'The Doomsday Clock'

Knapp recently stated the following about the release: "When I began writing the album the idea I had in mind was a totally uplifting melodic guitar instrumental album, something an Eric Johnson fan would like. As I finished I realized it's probably, unintentionally, going to be one of darkest and most abrasive "instrumental" albums out there. What I write just naturally comes out dark, the happy shred "guitar boy" disappeared long ago".

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