TOMORROW'S OUTLOOK - Another Sample From New Album Revealed

March 9, 2013, a year ago

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Norwegian metallers TOMORROW'S OUTLOOK are currently working on their forthcoming concept album which is scheduled for a January 2014 release on the Australian label, Battlegod Productions. Scott Oliva (WIND WRAITH, LIVE AFTER DEATH) has checked in from the studio while rehearsing vocals for track four on the album called 'A Voice Unheard':
Ralf Scheepers (PRIMAL FEAR, ex-GAMMA RAY) recently recorded vocals for 'Within The World Of Dreams' which is the opening track off the album. This song serves as a rough summary of the concept for the album; it’s a starting point for the story which is told throughout the album. Each song will be an individual part of the story and they will be presented in chronological order as the events unfold. Trond Nicolaisen explains the concept behind the album: "The protagonist has a dream where he enters the deepest, most horrible part of Hell. Here he encounters the Devil, who gives him a vision with a detailed description of the catastrophic end that awaits mankind. Evil will spread across our planet; it will cover Earth like a blanket and lead to massive warfare, which in turn will lead to destructive natural disasters and finally, the end of the world as we know it. Weeks and months pass by; the protagonist is conflicted. Should he let the rest of the world know what he knows will happen? He realises how difficult it will be for people to understand and believe him, but he decides to throw himself on the proverbial grenade and try to save the world. He points at the things that are wrong and warns about what will await us unless we stand together and fight the greed and evil which is closing its iron grasp around the entire world. Unfortunately, very few people believe him. Most just label him an eccentric, or just insane. They don’t want to deal with him any longer, and the more he struggles and the more powerful means he employs, the more he distances himself from the rest of society. Then things start to go seriously wrong. War after war breaks out and in the blink of an eye, most of the continent is engulfed in a destructive war. No-one is safe from the death and destruction that follows in the wake of warfare. The people find their scapegoat by remembering our protagonist and his dark premonitions. With the mentality of fighting fire with fire, the scared population form a lynch mob and start the manhunt. After a long and intense hunt, he gives up and allows himself to be caught. They exact their revenge by burning him at the stake. He can do nothing more than smile as the flames lick his flesh, for he has long since given up on humanity; they deserve the fate that has come for them. Not one of them knows that this is the trigger; this is the final event that unleashes the full force of Evil, and completes the prophecy. The end of the world as we know it. In the days after the nuclear bombs fell, there’s a lull before the storm. What’s left of the military forces have surrendered. There’s a common understanding on all sides that the war is over, and it’s time for peace. Yet, there’s something in the air, something indescribable. The anticipation and the silence are unbearable; the horrible feeling before the real terror sets in is much worse than all the wars and devastation that has come before. It’s so bad that when the ultimate end comes, it feels almost like a blessing. The nuclear war has irrevocably altered our planet and our atmosphere, and the forces of nature decide to annihilate every last speck of life on our damned planet. Thus, history is washed away. It is time for another beginning…" For more details visit
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