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January 15, 2013, 7 years ago

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Legendary cult prog-thrashers TOXIK have announced their re-activation.

According to a press release: “After a defunct attempt at a reunion in 2007, founding member Josh Christian has officially announced Toxik is once again active and ready for live action as well as a full length release.”

Christian commented: “I've been writing this crazy heavy stuff for the last year. In 2007 when we got together, the absence of new material made the reunion feel more like jam sessions. This time around it’s based like it was originally on a collection of songs with a Vibe. The plan is: record and perform.”

Currently, Mike Sanders and Brian Bonini have also committed. However the band is now looking for a drummer, as original drummer, Tad Leger will not be taking part in the reunion.

Christian commented on Leger’s absence: “Tad is on the verge of something killer with his doom project/band LUCERTOLA. It’s his baby as he writes the material and plays guitar essentially leading the band. We had planned on finishing the Lucertola disc together and then beginning work on a Toxik disc, at least that was discussed; the reality is he can't walk away from his art, and I totally respect that decision, we all do. I'm still hoping Tad shows up on at least one track but either way best of luck to my brother Tad Leger and Lucertola”.

Toxik formed in 1985 in Peekskill, NY and released two full lengths under RoadRacer Records, World Circus and Think This. In 2007 the Dynamo Open Air performance was released on DVD for the first time ever along with re-issues of World Circus and Think This. Recently, in 2010 the band self-released another Live DVD, Think Again, which contained never before seen live footage, interviews, and more.

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