TOXOVIBORA - More Primer Ataque Album Details Revealed

January 18, 2013, 4 years ago

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Spanish thrash metal/crossover combo TOXOVIBORA recently signed with Art Gates Records. The band will release their debut album, Primer Ataque (First Attack), on February 18th in Spain, and on March 1st in Europe/worldwide via Code 7 and PHD Distribution.

The artwork is an adaptation from the graphic designer Lemut. It was selected to represent the ancestral fear of the man, the snake. The futuristic influences are linked to the concept of the new wave of metal music. In this album there is a combination of the legendary thrash metal sounds of the 90s and modern influences.

Primer Ataque tracklisting:

'Sois Un Fraude'

'High School Massacre'


'Muerte en Directo'

'Víctima 63'


'Promesas del Este'

'El Día del Juicio'

Says the band: "In our opinion, we reflected perfectly the sound that characterizes the band, a strong base, addictive and sharp guitar riffs, combined with a raw voice that spits conscious lyrics."

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