TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA - Hartford, Matinees, Headaches!

November 28, 2004, 12 years ago

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SAVATAGE/TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA guitarist Chris Caffery, currently on tour with TSO's east coast company in North America, has posted the following tour update at his official website:


No...the shows were not headaches...but I do have one! OUCH...seems I took a small spill...or lets just say that the hotel moved into my head Thursday night. Yup...this was kinda the last thing I needed....another concussion! I feel like Steve Frickin Young here!

I definitely was very dizzy all day. Joy was there with her daughter to help with the fliers and bring me some CD’s. I was brought a Happy Meal by Randy and Sarah Morph. I few hours later I went to soundcheck, I was still in a fog. I returned to the hotel for a shower and got back for the show. It was a rather festive performance. 6,500 people in a new city! I ran up into the crowd and the lights never found me. I did make it back onstage on time. REALLY long autograph line. Lots of Faces CD’s. Someone gave me a funny penguin hat. Stevie and I went out after the show and closed the bar we were in on Thanksgiving. Fun night. I actually wound up with a diet coke in the end...too much Thanksgiving!!! We were staying til the morning. I decided to grab my stuff and sleep on the bus. I woke up in Providence in a total fog. Matinee show was fun; the snow did not work at first, I had a guitar problem, Skippy had some weird notes. We all were not perfect. I was trying to keep my balance. I have a bit of a black eye from my fall….black knee…black leg….black shoulder! We made it through the show. Good gig, but the crowd was definitely a matinee crowd!

I went to take a nap and await my brother’s arrival. He showed up at about 7:00pm, I finally got to give him a CD. He plays in a cover band in this area called The Rock. The night show was great. Amazing crowd. I am still tired, but we made it through. Autograph line was harmless; lots of familiar Faces and Faces CD’s! I had a radio interview with the station that put the show on WHJY. The DJ Jim had replaced the late Dr. Metal. He passed away in the Providence fire from last year. He loves the Faces CD and was going to play The Fall on his show. I also just got off the air wirh Torch at Rock in a Hard place in Fargo. They are having their 'Pisses Me Off' contest. Instead of naming what you were thankful for this Thanksgiving you have to tell them what pisses you off!!!! Great people, lots of fun! He played 'Evil Is As Evil Does', too!!!

Tomorrow is our first show in New Hampshire, should be fun...5,000 tix sold! I need sleep! Talk to you tomorrow!

Toronto and another day off tomorrow. I can seriously say that I need this one!!!!!



To check out tour dates for both the east and west coast TSO companies, which are touring simultaneously, go to this location.

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