TRIBUNE To Release Tales Album; 'From Funeral To Funeral' Track Streaming

September 13, 2013, 4 years ago

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Over the past nine years, Vancouver, BC’s TRIBUNE has been progressively combining its myriad of influences into a genre-shattering whole and etching away at a sound all its own. Now, the band’s efforts have culminated in their third full-length record, Tales, set for release October 29th via their indie label Corpse Corrosion Music, which is available for pre-order here.

The nine-track concept album has been inspired by the writings of some of the world’s most renowned authors, including H.P. Lovecraft, H.G. Wells, Homer among many others, but the result is strictly Tribune. Exploring a more melodic and progressive sound than ever before, but still staying true to the group’s extreme aggression roots, Tales, the follow-up to 2011’s Elder Lore/The Dark Arts, demonstrates Tribune's brawn and brains with a collusion of extremity and accessibility.

As the band’s appetite for more extreme metal increased, bands like CARCASS, DEATH and AT THE GATES began bleeding into their melting pot of influences, resulting in a fresh take on their fine metal sound, which can be heard echoing in the depths of Tribune's Tales.

Tales tracklisting:

Chapter I – 'Tales'

Chapter II – 'Insectoid'

Chapter III – 'The Butterfly Effect'

Chapter IV – 'From Funeral To Funeral'

Chapter V – 'Horror'

Chapter VI – 'King of Ithaca'

Chapter VII – 'Vengeance'

Chapter VIII – 'Red Crescent'

Chapter IX – 'That Bleakest Shore'

'From Funeral To Funeral':

Tribune are (pictured below from left to right, photo by Matt Neuman - Phrozen Photography):

Ryan O’Shea – Bass

Jason Brown – Drums

Bryan Baker – Vocals

Terry Anderson – Guitar

Shawn Culley – Guitar

More on Tribune at Facebook.

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