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August 17, 2011, 8 years ago

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Florida metallers TRIVIUM shifted 22,000 copies of their new album, In Waves, in the US in it's first week out, landing the album at #13 on Billboard's Top 200 chart. In Waves also debuted in Canada, charting at #29 on the Top 200 Current chart.

The album also charted in Japan at #6; in Germany at #8; in Australia at #9; and in the UK at #17, illustrating the global reception of In Waves.

In Waves was released on August 8th in Europe, and the 9th in North America via Roadrunner Records. A two-disc special edition is also available, featuring five bonus tracks, plus a DVD with a 40-minute, behind-the-scenes documentary, as well as an exclusive concert filmed in a warehouse located in Orlando, Florida, which is the band's stomping grounds. This concert features the first performances of tracks from In Waves, along with Trivium classics.

Away Team’s Slim Jim recently conducted an interview with Trivium guitarist Corey Beaulieu at the Raleigh, NC stop of the Mayhem Festival. In the interview Beaulieu talks about how he came to join Trivium while going to school at Full Sail, his belief that In Waves is the defining album for Trivium’s sound and style, and how being compared to the world’s largest metal band can be limiting. Excerpts from the interview are below:

Away-Team: Did you complete Full Sail or just blow it off for the riches and fame of Trivium?

Corey Beaulieu: (laughs) “I joined the band about a month before I graduated, so after I graduated I just went full on with the band. And eventually it all took off and did what it’s done and we are lucky enough to make a career out of it. Luckily I didn’t have to go schlep around for a job, because a job in that field that I went to school for is every difficult to find a job today. Since there’s no studios, the only people that have studios anymore are like in their own homes or whatever. Nobody goes to traditional studios anymore. Even people I went to school with at Full Sail seven years ago, nobody has a job in that field anymore. I was very fortunate that even going down there to do that, I was able to actually do what I wanted and that was be in a band. I always say I paid $35,000 to join a band (laughs).”

Away-Team: The band came out after Shogun, and said that it was what it was, that you couldn’t describe what/or who it sounded like. It was Trivium and it stood on its own. Were you guys really that concerned about the comparisons to Metallica or other bands then? Isn’t there some sense of flattery of being compared to one of the biggest metal bands in the world?

Corey Beaulieu: “When people listen to music, they are always gauging shit, always comparing them to someone else. If you read a review it is always, “for fans of this,” or “if you like this band you’ll love this.” I guess being compared to the biggest metal band of all time is not a bad thing I just felt it was kind of limiting as far as… Take The Crusade record, I listen to that and there are influences on there, riffs, songs, tones, styles, that are just in no way comparable to Metallica. And Matt’s vocals may style wise remind you of James, but he doesn’t sound like James. I just think a lot of the songs and riffs on that record are just very Un-Metallica. I think Shogun stepped away from that more and this record (In Waves out now!!!) that , “oh they sound like Metallica clones” has been put to rest, at least by us. If people say that now, then they are fucking idiots. You’re obviously not listening to what we are playing. Don’t get me wrong, they are obviously a big metal influence, but so are MEGADETH, TESTAMENT, SLAYER, and IRON MAIDEN. There is a lot of stuff in there. Over the years we have found a way to take those influences, with other elements outside that style of music, and put our own twist on it, so that now what you hear is Trivium only. I think In Waves sets us apart from other bands out there today, it ensures that we don’t sound too much like anyone else, it sounds like Trivium in vocals, and in guitar riffs, so that if we are to be compared, it is them to us.”

Read the entire interview here.

New Trivium tracks 'Dusk Dismantled' and 'Inception Of The End' are streaming below:

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