TUOMAS HOLOPAINEN - The Life And Times Of Scrooge Certified Gold In Finland

June 4, 2014, 5 years ago

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Tuomas Holopainen’s debut solo record, The Life And Times Of Scrooge, debuted at #1 in Finland on the release week and stayed in Top 5 for several weeks after the release. Now, two months after the release date, the album has been certified Gold in Finland.

Tuomas comments: "This is really unbelievable and a great day for Scrooge. I want to thank everybody for their great support for my "little solo project"."

The Life And Times Of Scrooge chart results:

Finland: #1

Sweden: #12 (Rock charts)

Switzerland: #19

Germany: #23

USA: #29 (Billboard Top New Artist Albums; Heatseekers)

Czech Republic: #40

Austria: #52

UK: #92

Belgium: #92

Holopainen commented: “The response to the album The Life And Times Of Scrooge has been unexpectedly overwhelming and heartwarming. I wish to thank you all for the support! Moreover, I hope the album has brought Don Rosa`s wonderful story to your attention, as well!”

"It's been stated pretty clearly from the start that this is a marginal solo album that has nothing to do with metal or Nightwish," Holopainen told BraveWords recently. "It hasn't been that big of a surprise to people. The biggest surprise seems to be why I'm being so childish (laughs). Of course, that can be expected if you choose to do and album based on a children's comic book. It's just ignorance though, because people don't know what they're talking about."

Read more at BraveWords.

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