TWISTED SISTER - Rare Live Footage From Forthcoming We Are Twisted F*cking Sister Independent Documentary Online

January 24, 2014, 2 years ago

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Word came down recently that a TWISTED SISTER documentary entitled We Are Twisted F*cking Sister is currently in the works at the hands of one Andrew Horn. The film is being financed through a crowdfunding effort via (found here). Frontman Dee Snider has posted a personal message to the diehard Twisted Sister fans in support of Horn's efforts:

Horn has posted a test clip from the production online:

"Twisted's greatest strength is arguably their direct engagement with their audiences. One of the ways they did this was to bring the crowd into the song through call and response and creating exciting imagery through the telling of a story. Here is a prime example of Twisted conjuring up hot nights, the company of friends and bombing down the highway in your car. If the picture they paint includes the then prerequisite pot and beer, it ends with the most important element - the music. And, if you will, the ecstacy of being young. The musical question that Dee asks is, 'Do you know what boogie means?' but what sticks with me is Jay at the end warning us that if we don't join in, we will be doomed to look back in our dotage and regretfully ask, 'Why didn't I party with Twisted Sister...?!' This clip was just a test, and was not stylistically appropriate for the movie, but definitely something not to be missed on the DVD!"

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