TWISTED SISTER's Dee Snider Not Fond Of KROKUS In New Biography

February 27, 2013, 4 years ago

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In his new biography, I Still Wanna Rock, Dee Snider of TWISTED SISTER has nothing nice to say about KROKUS, the chart toppers from Switzerland. For an entire chapter he rages about Krokus, calls the band "Crapus" ("of crap" - crap), and states: "You have no idea how close you came landing on the bottom of a lake."

The reason for his outburst: Krokus commissioned Snider's wife Suzette in 1982 to sew stage outfits for the band's US tour, but the former Krokus manager refused to pay her for her services.

"These guys ripped off my wife and threatened her," says Snider, who points out that his wife's mother emigrated from Switzerland.

"I was proud of this rock band from the home country of my mother", says Suzette. But the pride has turned into rage.

Chris Von Rohr recalls: "The clothes did not match at all our expectations. Too much harlequin style. So we made a bonfire of it."

Many years have passed and Krokus are older and wiser: "If we have not treated his wife with due respect, we are sorry."

Chris Von Rohr proposes to Dee and his wife to bury the hatchet and drink a beer or two together at a festival this year where both bands will perform in reconciliation of an event that happened over 30 years ago.

Swiss newspaper Blick reached Snider by phone and submitted Krokus' peace offer. "If they are serious, I think it's a nice gesture," says Snider. "But I have to ask my wife first if she is ready to forgive Krokus."

As previously reported, Krokus have unleashed a new star - one of the four-legged variety - with their new album, Dirty Dynamite, released via Sony Music on February 22nd in Europe and due for release on March 5th in North America as a digital download, regular CD and limited edition double vinyl.

Da Dög - the Olde English Bulldog with aviator goggles and a cigarette hanging from his mouth featured on the cover of Dirty Dynamite - walked in the spotlight on the red carpet with bassist/producer Chris Von Rohr at the Swiss Awards recently

How did this bulldog become the newest member of Krokus? "This dog radiates a philosophical serenity and at the same time pure fun," explains Von Rohr . "The two-year old rock stud is originally from Solothurn, Switzerland - like Krokus, but lives these days in the Zurich region, where most of the time he just likes to chill and do nothing."

"He is a quiet and lazy dog, not very active, rather easy going," tells owner Patrizia of Da Dög, who actually goes by the name of Maddox. "One exception is when he can chase a ball. Or he's getting some food: dog food, cucumbers, carrots. He loves any kind of food except fennel, he categorically spits that one out,"adds Patrizia. "We have to watch him, because he could eat all day long."

And while Krokus roar in concert halls all over the world, the oldest of a litter of ten makes the walls of the home he lives at shake, rattle and roll. "He's not allowed to sleep in the bedroom. He snores so loud, no one gets a good night's sleep," confesses Patrizia.

But these days sleep is the last thing in anyone's mind. Asked if the Da Dög will rock forever, the band answers in unison with a loud an clear "Yes." Being the band's official mascot, he was able to exclusively listen in advance to the Dirty Dynamite album. His reaction? "Woof!"

The album will feature the following tracks:

'Hallelujah Rock’n’Roll'

'Go Baby Go'

'Rattlesnake Rumble'

'Dirty Dynamite'

'Let The Good Times Roll'

'Help' (BEATLES cover)

'Better Than Sex'

'Dög Song'

'Yellow Mary'

'Bailout Blues'

'Live Ma Life'

'Hardrocking Man'

The video for 'Dirty Dynamite' can be viewed below:

Sony Music is offering the title track as a free download. It was the last song that was recorded at Abbey Road Studios at 5 o'clock in the morning. Bassist Chris von Rohr added some honky tonk piano licks on the original 'Lady Madonna' piano at the studio. Click here (scroll down) to download.

Krokus tour dates:


2 - Zürich, Switzerland - Volkshaus
9 - Solothurn, Switzerland - Kofmehl
11 - Solothurn, Switzerland - Kulturfabrik Kofmehl


20 - Bayern, Germany - Pyras
27 - Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany - Seebronn

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