UNCONVENTIONAL DISRUPTION Sign With Memorial Records, Release New Album Details

May 10, 2013, 4 years ago

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Italian experimental death metallers UNCONVENTIONAL DISRUPTION sign a deal with Memorial Records for the release of their new album entitled Flood To Euthanasia which will be available from June 12 on all digital stores.

Check out a trailer for the album:

The band comments on the new album: "Flood To Euthanasia is a suffered and tormented album, the result of longstanding experimentations and is influenced not only by numerous musical factors but also by many personal vicissitudes occurred inside the band. Consequently, the result of all this is a combination of riffs and lyrics joined together, through this binding agent made of the desire to experiment, strong opposite individualities, frustration and repressed energies resulting in the sheer violence of the music. We are not a group of friends playing together, but a set of minds that try to merge their strong individualism, and each of these minds with the purpose to prevail on others. Our product is a pure emotional and musical tension; the sensation of uneasiness that comes through the whole disk is palpable in each note of the album.”

Flood To Euthanasia tracklisting:

‘Introduction To Euthanasia’

‘Getesemani’s Shadows’

‘Don’t Be Afraid To Kill A Dead Man’

‘Honor Of Disgust’

‘Charge Of Hypocrisy’

‘Insect’s Grin’

‘Cerebral Collapse’

‘Deformed Souls’

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