UNISONIC Confirm Live Date For Seoul, Korea

June 18, 2014, 3 months ago

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Germany's Unisonic - featuring former Helloween bandmates Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen - have announced a live date for Seoul, Korea on September 7th at Jayla Art Hall.
Unisonic will be on a co-headlining tour in Japan with Edguy prior to the Seoul show, but it is unclear at this time if Edguy will be joining them in Korea. Stay tuned for updates. Dates in Japan are as follows: September 2 - Tokyo, Japan - Shinagawa Prince Stellar Ball 3 - Tokyo, Japan - Shinagawa Prince Stellar Ball 4 - Nagoya, Japan - Nagoya Bottom Line 6 - Osaka, Japan - Umeda Club Quattro According to Unisonicfanclub.com, Unisonic - featuring singer Michael Kiske (Helloween), guitarist Kai Hansen (Gamma Ray, Helloween), guitarist Mandy Meyer (Krokus), bassist Dennis Ward (Pink Cram 69) and drummer Kosta Zafiriou performed some acoustic shows in Europe to promote the new EP For the Kingdom and their upcoming album Light Of Dawn. For this purpose they visited ‘El Vuelo del Fenix’ show in Spanish national radio and did several other interviews in Spain as well. Michael Kiske presented during these shows to the audiences the original version of ‘Your Time Has Come’, which is a double bass fast power metal track in the style of the Helloween classic ‘I’m Alive’. They talked as well about the new album and revealed a few details below: Michael Kiske about the song "Night Of The Long Knives": "... It's progressive with a little of Queensrÿche-vibe." Dennis Ward: "I had watched something in YouTube like a documentary about Hitler's purge against his advocates they were trying to stop him while they were on his side basically and he had a process called Night Of The Long Knives where he eliminated his enemies on his side."
Michael about his song "Blood": ”The song I’m responsible for music and lyric wise is ‘Blood’. That one is about love is not necessarily connected to the blood anymore. You have a lot of family falling apart, I don’t know if it’s the same here in Spain, the blood bond is probably more tight here like in Italy. In the northern areas love has to have a kind of spiritual base to work . The blood gets weaker, you can see that. You really need to see the soul of that person, there is a kind of new brotherhood coming up. It is completely independent from races or blood. You can understand every human being when you have a certain spiritual level. You have mothers that don’t even love their children anymore. It’s not easy, we need to build a spiritual bond among each other. You need a fundament for love, blood is not enough anymore. That’s what the song is about.” Dennis Ward about the song "Throne Of The Dawn": "The song called "Thrown Of The Dawn' they had do with, well I was just stumbled upon something, reading a book about, well I didn't know that was Lucifer and Jesus were both referred to a different parts on the Bible as the morning star... and then I wrote a theoretical story as to who would be the winner of the throne for the morning star." Setlist Unisonic at El Vuelo del Fenix 2014: "Your Time Has Come" (acoustic) "For The Kingdom" (acoustic with a few seconds of Elvis Presley "There Goes My Everything") "Souls Alive" (acoustic with a few seconds of Elvis Presley "The Thrill Of Your Love") "My Sanctuary" (acoustic) "Your Time Has Come" (acoustic) Check out the interview and acoustic performances below:


For the Kingdom (acoustic)


Souls Alive

My Sanctuary

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