UNISONIC Guitarist Kai Hansen On Vocalist Michael Kiske - "He Sings Fantastic On The Album But I Prefer How He Sings Live"

January 13, 2013, 4 years ago

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GAMMA RAY frontman / UNISONIC guitarist Kai Hansen is featured in the January issue of Spain's La Heavy Magazine discussing Unisonic. Following is an excerpt translated by the official Unisonic fan page, Souls Alive.

On the live show:

Hansen: "...I think we have improved a lot as a band, we have a better coordination between us and we find ourselves on the stage. Which is very different from creating an album. It was funny to be really so close also live.""

On Unisonic being secondary to Gamma Ray:

Hansen: "Of course it is something different. Yes, it is a band, two guitarists, a bassist a drummer but it is a different thing. Not only the different musicians, also the different way to make the songs and the style is very different from Gamma Ray, there is something that makes me crazy and it is really different to me, and I only play the guitar and I have a great vocalist with me, Michael Kiske. I'm grateful that people like Kosta (Zafirious/drums) take care of that stuff like managament, organization. In Unisonic I can focus on being just a musician... of course I always contribute when there are arguments to decide or to improve the band, the responsability is shared between everybody. In Gamma Ray there is of course democracy, but I still have my position as the founder which makes me more responsible about everything that happens in the band."

On the Unisonic debut:

Hansen: "There are songs I really like in the album but I prefer more to play them live. For example: 'No One Ever Sees Me' is a track I was not really into, it was a good song but something was missing for me and I had doubts we should play it live, I was not sure if it would work well. Michael was convinced it will be great live and he was right. When we started playing it live I felt the magic of this song. There are other tracks which work better live because we give it more energy and even more passion."

On vocalist Michael Kiske's live performances:

Hansen: "Yes, its much more spontaneous live. Recording a CD is always difficult because you want to do it perfectly, too controlled. The best thing comes live. Michael will get the live experience of this last tour to use it in the studio. The next album he will do a performance more closer how he is doin' it live and he will not care very much about technical issues. He sings fantastic on the album but I prefer how he sings live."

Unisonic recently issued the following update:

"Hello out there, we wish you all a healthy and happy year 2013!!!

2012 was an event- and successful year for Unisonic: We released our debut CD and did the first tour, leading us to many countries in Latin America, Asia and Europe. The feedback on the CD and the live shows was phenomenal and we want to thank you all from the deepest of our hearts for your support!

2013 will be a more silent year for Unisonic. Besides working with our other bands and projects, be sure that we will use the time to write and record a new Unisonic album! Touring together for the first time and your overwhelming reactions glued us together as a band, and we can´t wait to canalize all these impressions into a powerful and melodic metal album to be released in early 2014!"

Unisonic lineup:

Michael Kiske (vocals - ex-HELLOWEEN)

Mandy Meyer (guitars - ex-GOTTHARD, ex-KROKUS)

Kai Hansen (guitars - GAMMA RAY, ex Helloween)

Dennis Ward (bass - PINK CREAM 69)

Kosta Zafiriou (drums - Pink Cream 69)

Unisonic performed at the Hellfest in Clisson, France on June 15th. Quality fan-filmed video from the show is available below:

The band's complete setlist was as follows:


'Never Too Late'

'King For A Day'

'My Sanctuary'

'March Of Time'

'Over The Rainbow'

'Star Rider'

'We Rise'

'I Want Out'

More on Unisonic at this location.

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