Universe Prepares For Intergalactic Prog Metal Day On 2-1-12

January 26, 2012, 8 years ago

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As the cosmos prepares to realign in strange systems for the occasion, RUSH and progressive metal fans on Earth are gathering for the unique numerological event known in North America as 2-1-12, or Rush Day, a celebration of all things quirky, far-reaching, and progressive in heavy metal music.

Events and special celebrations of Rush and progressive metal have been announced by fans, music stores, media and a host of radio stations across the US and Canada.

Says progressive metal guru Jeff Wagner, author of Mean Deviation: Four Decades of Progressive Heavy Metal: "Rush's 2112 is probably the first album that can rightfully be called progressive metal, so it's only appropriate we blast the album from the rooftops, from our cars, from our iPods, from everywhere, to celebrate this landmark album and Rush's incredible longevity and lasting influence."

Wagner's Mean Deviation book has been dubbed a "progressive metal bible," and in its pages the spark of 2112 dazzles brightly. A starry constellation of rabid mental metal zealots celebrate the visions of Rush, including CYNIC, DEATH, FATES WARNING, WARLORD, DREAM THEATER, OPETH, BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME, WATCHTOWER, BLOTTED SCIENCE, VOIVOD and many others. All will be celebrated on February 1.

Worldwide, the day 2-1-12 is just the beginning, as the YEAR of progressive metal looms large coming in 2112. "We're only a hundred years away now until 2112," says Wagner. "I'll be waiting in my hypercube, ready for the big one!"

For updates and information on 2-1-12 celebrations, visit Facebook.

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