Update: ANGRA Still In Business; Band Just Taking Break

September 8, 2008, 10 years ago

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BW&BK; has received the following update:

Edu Falaschi (vocalist, ANGRA) will release the second album from his band ALMAH (Fragile Equality) on October 17th. In our last newsletter we misleadingly reported that Edu Falaschi and Felipe Andreoli would not be members of Angra anymore because the band has disbanded.

But actually Angra are just taking a break. The band does still exist and both Edu Falaschi and Felipe Andreoli are still members of Angra.

Please excuse this mistake.

Edu Falaschi states: "I must clarify a big misunderstanding that is going on with the Almah promotion. Although I am fully concentrated on Fragile Equality's release and consequent promotion at this moment, I never said "Angra has been terminated".

These are not my words whatsoever!

Angra is not done, we're taking a break, a pause. The band is going through some difficult management issues, and all of us are doing our best to get back on the road. We don't know when it will be possible, but we hope to announce some good news soon.

Almah is no longer a solo project, it's a full time band, but it doesn't mean that me or Felipe have left Angra, nor that the band is over."

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