VADER - Video For 'Carnal' Available

November 21, 2008, 10 years ago

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VADER's video for their track 'Carnal', produced by Carlos Abysmo, has been posted online. Check it out below...

Vader - Carnal from Carlos Abysmo on Vimeo.

The band recently checked in with the following update in with the following update from guitarist/vocalist Peter:

"Long time since I had a chance to talk to you.... You know but the reasons. You know how much has changed in the band, so I'm sure you understand the situation... What I can promise you all is, that since the big change on - which is soon gonna happen - I will regular drop some news from Vader Commando. We're gonna also add way more short video reports or clips - which are so much popular format today. You should be enough satisfied.

What's new in Vader? You know for sure about all the personal changes in lineup. We just finished two-weeks tour in Baltic States and Scandinavia with GRAVE, ZONARIA and ZABBADIAH CROWS, which was "baptism in fire" for new Vader, which is now: Wacek "Vogg" - guitar; Reyash -b.g ; Paul - drums and me (vocals/guitar). Since the first shows in Lithuania and Latvia the new members show how passion and feeling are important to perform metal on stage! Personally it was like pumping fresh blood into my veins... I was feeling like we were on Vader's first tour. With the same lineup we'll hit again in January with DEICIDE, SAMAEL and DEVIAN. To play with the friends form yet early 90's must be something unholy!!!! IT WILL BE SPECIALL!!!!

We open new chapter in Vader's history in December: Necropolis!!! In Hertz Studios we're gonna record 4 - 5 song demo for the upcoming new full length. This is nothing but checking out new sounds and different way of work in studio. It's not gonna be official, thou' we'll put a song on our site for you to listen to. The ultimate recordings are booked for March 2009 and Necropolis will be produced by Tue Madsen (who previously worked with such bands as MOONSPELL, HATESPHERE, THE HAUNTED, GOREFEST, HEAVEN SHALL BURN and many more) in Anfarm Studio in Denmark. The title of the album-which is the very first Vader's song ever - is chosen not by chance. It will be connected with recordings like De Profundis or Litany with themes of Forgotten Worlds, Mythos or Ancient Powers still living in humans sub consciousness.

Just mentioned few titles: 'Devour', 'Dark Heart' or 'Forgotten' (all written by Harry Maat). Pawel Frelik - the Voice of Truth in the band - is also gonna put some lines on the album... We'd like to change Necropolis designs as well making the "overall view" in old style of metal. Of course - I'll keep informing you about the progress. As I promised....

We took some photos during practicing with new line up just before our last tour. You may take a look on them in the Gallery."

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