VAN CANTO Release Music Video For New Single "Melody"

July 11, 2018, 9 months ago

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VAN CANTO Release Music Video For New Single "Melody"

On August 10th, German metal a-cappella masters Van Canto will release their seventh studio album, Trust In Rust. With the second single "Melody", the band presents itself in their signature style: Choral arrangements, many dynamic changes, power and positivity, strong voices and of course plenty of melodies. In every part of the song the main melodies shine and it’s no coincidence that the star of this single isn’t one of the seven band members, but the "Melody".

The band sums it up: "'Melody' wraps up what Van Canto means to the band members: Lots of voices, dynamic changes and drums, a positive message and - a lot of melodies that hopefully will be joined by our fans when we play live."

Trust In Rust is available in the following formats:

- 2 CD Digipack
- 1 CD Jewel Case
- Deluxe Bundle (Cardboard Box, DP, Pendant, Flag, Sticker, Photocard)
- Digital Album
- Deluxe Digital Album

Pre-order here.

Trust In Rust tracklisting:

"Back In The Lead"
"Trust In Rust"
"Ride The Sky" (feat. Kai Hansen)
"Desert Snake"
"Darkest Days"
"Hells Bells"
"Heading Home"

CD 2: Best Of - Orchestral Versions (available in the Digipack):

"The Mission" (Orchestral Version)
"Rain" (Orchestral Version)
"Hero" (Orchestral Version)
"Take To The Sky" (Orchestral Version)
"Water Fire Heaven Earth" (Orchestral Version)
"My Voice" (Orchestral Version)
"If I Die In Battle" (Orchestral Version)
"The Higher Flight" (Orchestral Version)
"Unholy" (Orchestral Version)
"The Other Ones" (Orchestral Version)

"Back In The Lead" lyric video:


Hagen Hirschmann: Lead Vocals
Inga Scharf: Lead Vocals
Ross Thomspon: Higher Rakkatakka Vocals
Stefan Schmidt: Lower Rakkatakka Vocals
Jan Moritz: Pad and Bass Vocals
Ingo Sterzinger: Bass and Backing Vocals
Bastian Emig: Drums and Backing Vocals

(Photo - Tim Tronckoe)

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