VAN HALEN's Eddie Van Halen, LL COOL J On CNN’s Piers Morgan Live; Complete Interview Streaming

May 5, 2013, 4 years ago

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On May 3rd, VAN HALEN guitar legend Eddie Van Halen and US rap legend, entrepreneur, and actor LL COOL J were interviewed on CNN’s Piers Morgan Live. Check out the complete chat below:

Eddie guests on two tracks – ‘We’re The Greatest’ and ‘Not Leaving You Tonight’ – on LL’s new album, Authentic, which was released April 30th.

Check out 'We’re The Greatest' (solo starting at 2:48) and 'Not Leaving Here Tonight' (solo starts at 2:52) below:

“The thought of me playing guitar to hip hop was definitely left of center, but I was intrigued and I agreed to meet and listen to what he had," Eddie told the Van Halen News Desk recently. "I was not only inspired by the songs I heard, but LL’s enthusiasm, his down to earth personality, the freedom he gave me to co-create and his willingness to, for the very first time, sing the chorus on 'We’re The Greatest'. It was like a breath of fresh air that I needed as an artist and an individual.”

Eddie commented further by saying: “The diversity of the songs on this album and the other artists he has collaborated with is outstanding, appealing to multiple genres of music and maybe even creating a few of our own. I feel blessed to not only have had the opportunity to work with LL but also to call him a great friend.”

This is not the first time the guitarist has teamed up with an artist outside of his genre. In 1984 his guitar solo on MICHAEL JACKSON’s 'Beat It' has been praised for adding “the greatest guitar solo”, aiding 'Beat It' into becoming one of the biggest selling singles of all time.

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