VARGA Drummer Dan Fila - "Bands Today Rely Too Much On Technology; Learn How To Be A Band By Rehearsing, Play Live As Much As You Can"

July 13, 2014, 3 years ago

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Dan Fila, drummer for re-activated Canadian bashers Varga, is featured in a new interview with Maria Savva at UK Metal Directory. An excerpt is available below:

Q: What do you think of the current heavy metal music scene? Are there any stand-out bands that you’ve heard?

Fila: "I think there are some great bands coming out now, I really like BattleCross. Having said that, with the power of the internet and technology many bands are putting out musical clutter and it is difficult for people to wade through the sea of garbage. Great bands have and always will stand the test of time."

Q: You’ve had much success with your music, obviously the fact the music is good helps, but are there any tips that you can give to any bands that might be starting out as to how best to promote themselves?

Fila: "Bands today rely too much on technology. I recommend locking yourselves in a rehearsal space and learn how to be a band by rehearsing, listening to music and getting to know the people in your band as musicians and people. Play live as much as you can, play anywhere and for anyone and study the bands that inspired you to play."

Go to this location for the complete interview.

On Tuesday, July 22nd, Varga, will release their 4th full-length studio recording; the follow-up to last October's Enter The Metal, with the sequel Return Of The Metal, via the band's own Vargantuan Music label. Digital downloads and CDs will be available through iTunes, Amazon, and

Comprised of members Joe Varga (bass and vocals), Adam Alex (guitar), Sean Williamson (guitar), and Dan Fila (drums), the veteran band (originally formed in 1989) has built a large and loyal following of heavy metal fans, particular in their home country, on the strength of such popular releases as 1994's Prototype (Zoo Records), which spawned the hits "Freeze Don't Move" and "Greed" earning the band a thumbs up on the then popular Beavis And Butthead MTV program. After over a decade apart, Varga reunited in 2011, and issued their awesome reunion effort, Enter The Metal (their first new studio album in 17 years).

The album was produced by longtime friend and producer/engineer, Julius “Juice” Butty (Alexisonfire, Protest the Hero), and recorded at both Six Nations’ Jukasa Studio, and Butty’s own Silo Studios.

As heard throughout Enter The Metal and Return Of The Metal, the long delay between releases has not dulled Varga's penchant for penning inspired and challenging heavy metal in the slightest.

Return Of The Metal tracklisting:

“Three Section Staff”
“Afterlife Comes”
“Disfigured Gargoyle”
“Evil Drifter”
“Money Talks”
“Far East Super Slaughter”

“Three Section Staff”:

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