VENGEACE RISING - 25th Anniversary Limited Edition Vinyl LP Picture Disc Unveiled

August 4, 2013, 4 years ago

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Bill Roxx at Roxx Productions has checked in with the following update on the brand new 25th Anniversary Limited Edition picture disc version of the VENGEANCE RISING classic, Human Sacrifice:

"We heard the final remastered for vinyl tracks that Cliffy did for us over at Steinhaus Mastering and they sound awesome, you vinyl fans are gonna love it. Scott Waters, our graphic artist for this project, has been working hard on the layout and design of the actual artwork for the front and back of the picture disc. Scott has been working with what we believe is the very last existing picture from those original photo shoots to recreate the front cover. And you are getting the very first exclusive look at the finished product right now!

It is a little bit of a different take on that original album cover because Scott completely recreated this from scratch using that photo and completely recreating the Vengeance Rising logo. This thing looks sharp, Scott you did an amazing job!

Now for the unveiling of the back cover of the vinyl…. nah, were just kidding you’re gonna have to wait til the release is in your hands to see the whole finished product! Gotta leave something for a surprise!

We dropped off the artwork and music at the pressing plant and this pressing is now actually under way! Little trivia for you, we learned while visiting the record plant, they actually produced the legendary picture disc of To Hell With The Devil from our friends STRYPER way back in the '80s!

We will keep you updated throughout the process! Test pressings should be to us in two weeks and that will probably be the next update. Please help us spread the word on this very special 25th Anniversary release, we want to make sure everyone that may wants one knows it is coming! Also, we really need to sell them all because this thing was an expensive one to produce :) ."

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