VINTERSORG Release Video For "Lågornas rov"

May 20, 2014, 4 years ago

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Sweden's Vintersorg have released their new video, for the track "Lågornas rov", featured on their new album, Naturbål, out on July 8th in North America via Napalm Records.

Mr. V comments: "We're actually doing a video for the new Vintersorg album Naturbål and the track chosen is called "Lågornas rov". It's our first professional video ever and I feel it has a great potential to show what the song and the album is all about. The album is the "Fire" album in our four-element-cycle and there are some things that I think can be nice for you to learn about, regarding this important step in the Vintersorg history.


"Ur aska och sot"
"Överallt och ingenstans"
"En blixt från klar himmel"
"Lågornas rov"
"Rymdens brinnande öar"
"Natten visste vad skymningen såg"
"Själ i flamma"

"Lågornas rov" video:

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