WHITESNAKE's David Coverdale To Work With LED ZEPPELIN's Jimmy Page Again?

May 8, 2013, 4 years ago

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Metalpaths conducted an interview with WHITESNAKE mainman David Coverdale who talks about the new DVD/CD (Made In Japan), the upcoming release of another live album (Made In Britain and The World Record) and the possibility of working again with LED ZEPPELIN's Jimmy Page. Regarding a new Whitesnake record, David stated that he and Doug (Aldrich) are more than happy to take up the challenge of writing new music though it may not be quite what some people expect.

A few excerpts can be found below:

On "Made In Japan" DVD: "Originally there were no plans to release a DVD this year but our agreement to headline Loud Park in Japan included our promise to let the organizers use three songs from our show for a special TV presentation. When we saw and hear the fantastic footage I called Frontiers, our record company and asked if they would want to go with a DVD too and they were very positive. Personally, I am thrilled we have a visual record of the Forevermore World Tour which is one of my all time favorites…"

On upcoming Made In Britain DVD: "It’s called Made In Britain and The World Record. Our release schedule is not your problem…It was the original release plan before we decided to release the Whitesnake Made In Japan DVD and soundtrack to coincide with the tour. The Made In Britain CD features different songs recorded on the UK tour and The World Record features songs taken from all over the world from Sao Paolo to Helsinki. So, with both projects you have a very complete record of all the music we played on the world tour."

On how has been to be working with Jimmy Page: "Wonderful memories and we maintain a wonderful friendship. I’m looking forward to seeing him in London soon to discuss putting together a special edition of COVERDALE/PAGE project…"

On the new Whitesnake record: "Both Doug and I have discussed we are more than happy to take up the challenge of writing new music and taking the band back into the studio, though it may not be quite what some people expect, but, it will be Whitesnake for sure…"

Read the rest of the interview here.

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