WITHERIA – Devastating Return Streaming In Full

May 20, 2014, 6 years ago

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One week before its official release date, Witheria’s new album Devastating Return is streaming in full thanks to Violent Journey Records.

A cornerstone of the diverse and thrashing Finnish metal scene, Witheria are still heavily relying on their thrash-based approach they have been perfecting since the turn of the millennium. This time around, even more of their trademark usage of progressive parts and various influences can be heard. Nevertheless, the album is so packed with intensity and fury that it will tear your life apart. As a whole, the new album in not only the most versatile and skilled effort the band has ever produced but also the most coherent one. The sound on this album, recorded at SoundSpiral Studios in Kouvola, Finlandare organic, yet extremely powerful.


“Mind Compressor”
“Passenger Of Thought”
“Burnt To Ashes”
“Raft Of Desolation”
“Some Wounds Will Not Heal”
“Thrown Down The Well”
“Toxic And Aggressive Growth”
“Back On Earth”

“Thrown Down The Well”:

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Tuberculosis - vocals

Markus Taipale - guitars

Lappis - guitars

Max Pekkonen - bass

Rob Diver - drums

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