WOODS OF YPRES - CBC TV Report From 2003 Available

March 16, 2009, 11 years ago

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WOODS OF YPRES founder/frontman David Gold has uploaded an old CBC TV report on the band originally aired in 2003. Check it out below.

As previously reported, Gold recently issued the following update:

"Loyal Folks,

This is a notice of the first ever Woods Of Ypres fan / supporters 'club'. Your contribution at this time will help the band to cover operating expenses, maintain independence and move forward with many new plans. In return, you will immediately be sent a numbered confirmation package in the mail with samples of WoY goods and further details about your one year membership. Four additional packages will be mailed to your address throughout 2009, one for each season (in order: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter). Exclusive rare WoY goods will be offered to the members of the Supporters Circle, first, before anyone else.

Also, I have decided that I will liquidate and distribute a LOT of old and rare WoY items before the end of this year that have been safely stored away for years (including rare first/original t-shirts and merch, original show posters from the very beginning, old and never before seen photos, etc...) Also, by the end of August, I intend to find new homes and good hands for the Woods 2: Pursuit Of The Sun Yamaha acoustic guitar w/ built in pickup (this guitar IS the sound of Woods 2!) as well as my white Gibson Unrest! SG guitar, and these will be offered to the 1st Supporters before anyone else. 1st Supporters will also get first pick at new t-shirt and merch items as they become available. Just like the promotional stunt during the recording of Woods III, when we start recording Woods 4, the guitar strings used on the album will be distributed to the 1st Supporters, etc. That's just the beginning...

We currently have four projects in the works for 2009:

-- Independent Nature 2002-2007 - The Best of Woods Of Ypres CD
-- Woods I: Against the Seasons on vinyl w/ new art by Travis Smith
-- The Allure Of The Earth 7" vinyl" w/ cello cover version B-side (and VERY special artwork by an exciting French black metal artist! More details soon...)
-- Woods 4: The Green Album (15 new Woods Of Ypres songs!)

Add to that:

-- our Beasts Unleashed In The East! Eastern Tour in May!


-- our The West Is The Best! Western Tour in August!

Here's how to show your support:

Please send (all prices include shipping):

$25 CAD within CANADA.

$25 USD from the USA.

$25 USD / 20 Euros from Europe.

Well hidden cash, check or money order to:

WoY 1st Supporters Circle

c/o David Gold

44 Poplar Ave.

Sault Ste. Marie, ON


Or, Please send PayPal to: woodsofypres@hotmail.com

I will continue to keep everyone updated on the activities within the WoY camp, but it is very important for us to make the necessary efforts to show our sincere thanks to those who continue to choose to go above and beyond in their support and encouragement of our band. The supporter / fanbase IS the most imporatant thing in the world to this band. They (most likely you!) have kept Woods Of Ypres rolling on its own terms for almost seven FUCKING years now (Wow! ...and STILL going strong!)! We intend to also go above and beyond to impress with what we give back! Have faith in the Woods! We are believers ourselves.

Thank you as always for your commitment to Woods Of Ypres!"

David Gold & the Woods... - \w/

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